Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beware of spam

APB to writers: I just got this bit of spam in my inbox today. No, Dr. Michael J. Duckett is not interested in your book. I know, because wherever he got my business e-mail address, it had nothing to do with my personal writing. Save yourself time and money, and just hit DELETE.


Dear Author: [Flag #1, impersonal solicitation]

We are interested to speak with you about the possibility of publishing or distributing your book.

Only a select number of authors are called upon [Flag #2, publishers don't solicit authors in such a vague way] each year to submit their work for Hyper Publishing Company's consideration. Your book has been recently brought to our attention and we would like to open a discussion for publication or distribution of this work.

Please click here for submission guidelines or go directly to our website http://hyperpublishing.org and click on the Submission link.

You have ten days to complete the submission package and mail to our office. [Flag #3 with fireworks, an "Act now!" offer.]

We look forward to receiving your submission package and communicating with you in the near future.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Michael J. Duckett
President/CEO [Flag #4, this is a businessman asking you. Not an editor or an agent. He's probably the CFO, board president, secretary, janitor, and pizza boy, too.]
Hyper Publishing Company