Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sales resource for self-published writers

I can't vouch for this service, but it is new, and it is free--which means that if you have a self-published book, you have little to lose. Basically the site is a database that gathers information on your book and its sales record. The idea is that traditional publishers seeking to buy the rights to a "proven" title (i.e., they don't need to invest as much money in creating a buzz) can search the database, find your book, and make an offer to you for the rights.

From their website:

The Publetariat Vault provides a new kind of service to self-published authors: the opportunity to get your indie book in front of the publishers and producers who are seeking proven books for low-risk acquisitions. Publishers can:

  • Find independent literary material that is already proven in the marketplace

  • See actual sales data, and know if the work already has traction

  • See reader reviews from bookseller sites, reader communities like Goodreads, blogs and elsewhere

  • Search by genre, topic, keyword, recommended reading level and more to find the kind of content you want to acquire

  • See author platform pieces, buzz, publicity and more, and know if the author will be an active partner in promotion